Purchase Intent

Purchase Intent

In the current digital era, marketing strategies must recognize and adjust to different degrees of audience intention. Come explore three unique marketing approaches that are meant to capture, engage, and convert audiences with low, medium, and high intent.

En la era digital actual, las estrategias de marketing deben reconocer y ajustarse a diferentes grados de intención de la audiencia. Ven a explorar tres enfoques de marketing únicos destinados a captar, involucrar y convertir audiencias con baja, mediana y alta intención.

W dzisiejszej cyfrowej erze strategie marketingowe muszą dostosowywać się do zamiarów zakupowych twojej grupy docelowej. Zapraszamy do odkrycia trzech różnych strategii marketingowych, które mają na celu zwrócić uwagę, zaangażować i przekonanać odbiorców do podjęcia działania.

Low Intent Medium Intent High Intent
Definition Audiences either lack awareness of their problem or currently have no intention of addressing it. Audiences actively seek information and solutions to resolve their identified problem. Audiences have committed to resolving the well-identified problem and are actively seeking suitable vendors.
Stages • Not aware of the problem • Aware of the problem • Fully aware of the problem
• Unaware of potential solutions • Uncertain about the solution • Actively comparing available solutions
Objective Provide education on both the problem and potential solutions. Present the solution effectively and stimulate demand. Secure high-intent demands effectively.
Triggers • Problem intensifies and becomes more noticeable • Designation of a champion within the audience • Evaluation of features and pricing
• Experience significant frustration • Creation of a well-defined buying checklist • Assessment of team capabilities and processes
• Influenced by peers or external factors • Identification of potential solutions • Engagement of the buying committee
Action Make sure your brand is easy to remember by creating content that resonates with your audience. Offer better information than your competitors and keep your approach friendly and open. Prove why you are the best choice and make sure to answer any questions or concerns your customers might have in detail.
Channels • Podcasts • Content Blog • Google Ads
• Linkedin Posts • Social Selling • Demo Ads Campaigns
• YouTube Shorts • Partnerships • Case Studies Campaigns
• Personal Brands • Live Events • Retargeting Video Ads
• Content Syndication • Gated Guides • Private Events
• B2B Influence • Product Pages • Pricing Pages
• Homepage • Community • ABM Outbound

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” ⏤ Jay Baer