Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking, often hailed as one of the most feared activities among individuals, holds incredible power. Whether it's delivering a keynote address to a packed auditorium, presenting a proposal in a boardroom, or simply engaging in everyday conversations, the ability to communicate effectively can open doors to opportunities and influence others in profound ways.

La oratoria, a menudo aclamada como una de las actividades más temidas entre las personas, tiene un poder increíble. Ya sea dando un discurso principal ante un auditorio lleno, presentando una propuesta en una sala de juntas, o simplemente participando en conversaciones cotidianas, la habilidad de comunicarse efectivamente puede abrir puertas a oportunidades e influenciar a otros de maneras profundas.

Przemówienia publiczne, powszechnie uznawane za jedną z najbardziej stresujących aktywności wśród obywateli świata, posiadają potężną moc. Bez względu na to, czy wygłaszamy przemówienie inauguracyjne, prezentujemy ofertę biznesową, czy też bierzemy udział w debacie publicznej, umiejętność efektywnej komunikacji może otwierać drzwi do różnych możliwości i wpływać na innych w pozytywny sposób.

  1. Record yourself speaking

Just like elite athletes meticulously analyze their game footage to enhance their performance, embrace the power of self-reflection in public speaking. Take the time to record yourself and pay attention to key aspects such as your eye contact, hand gestures, speaking pace, and the use of filler words (such as "hmm" or "err").

• Where you're looking
• What your hands are doing
• How quickly you're speaking

  1. Let the silence do the work

Harness the potency of a well-placed pause. Allow your audience the opportunity to fully digest your message by punctuating your speech with moments of silence. Take a bold stance, give your listeners the chance to absorb it fully, and count to five internally—it may feel like an eternity to you, but it offers a refreshing pause for your audience.

• Make a strong point
• Give your audience the space to absorb it
• Count to 5 in your head

  1. Focus your gaze on specific people

Forge a deeper connection with your audience by making purposeful eye contact. Direct your gaze to individual audience members as you deliver key points, ensuring each person receives your message directly. Adhere to the rule of "one person, one point" to foster a sense of intimacy and engagement.

• Look at an audience member and deliver a short point
• Then move your gaze to the next audience member and deliver another
• One person, one point, that's the rule

  1. Don't memorize it like a script

Ditch the robotic delivery of a memorized script in favor of a more organic approach. Instead, sketch out an outline for each paragraph to guide your delivery, allowing flexibility for spontaneity and natural expression. Outline the opening line, transitions, and closing remarks, and let the rest flow authentically.

• The opening line
• The transition
• The closing line

  1. Structure your talk as a story

Elevate your speech from mundane to memorable by framing it as a captivating story. Draw inspiration from storytelling principles outlined by experts like Kindra Hall, who emphasizes the importance of introducing a normal scenario, followed by a pivotal explosion or change, leading to a new understanding or new normal. Conflict serves as the driving force behind a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences.

• Normal (baseline)
• Explosion (big change)
• New Normal (learning)

  1. Inject a bit of humor

Lighten the mood and forge a rapport with your audience through well-timed humor. A carefully placed joke not only captures attention but also cultivates a sense of camaraderie. Aim to poke gentle fun at yourself or share relatable anecdotes that humanize your presence on stage.

• Poke a little fun at yourself
• Choose something that humanizes you
• Something that others might relate to

  1. Take every opportunity to chat with strangers in your day-to-day

Sharpen your speaking skills in everyday interactions by engaging with strangers in various settings. Take the opportunity to go beyond mere transactions, whether it's chatting with the barista, exchanging pleasantries with the doorman, or striking up conversations at the gym. The more at ease you become conversing with strangers, the more natural and confident you'll feel in formal speaking engagements.

• Give more than just your order to the barista
• Spend a few minutes with the doorman
• Strike up a conversation with someone at the gym

TEDx Program
TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” It supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.

“Public speaking is not about mastering your words, but mastering your audience's hearts and minds.” ⏤ Mateusz Stępień