My Self Made

My Self Made

You know my name and surname. I am a digital creator living in the new world times. Together with you, we will have a significant impact on future generations. Therefore, with great power comes great responsibility. Let me tell you more about me.


M(usic) — 🎶 #techno
A(rt) — 🎨 #abstract
T(ravel) — 🌍 #world


Life is worth living only for the things you can achieve.


Business > art > tech > cars > music


Intouchables (2011) ⭐ 8.5 | Biography, Comedy, Drama
1h 52m | 12


The Innovator’s DNA
Reprint: R0912E “How do I find innovative people for my organization? And how can I become more innovative myself?” These are questions that stump most senior executives, who know that the ability to innovate is the “secret sauce” of business success. Perhaps for this reason most of us stand in awe of the work of visionary entrepreneurs such as Apple’s Steve Jobs, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, eBay’s Pierre Omidyar, and P&G’s A.G. Lafley. How do these individuals come up with groundbreaking new ideas? In this article, Dyer, of Brigham Young University; Gregersen, of Insead; and Christensen, of Harvard Business School, reveal how innovative entrepreneurs differ from typical executives. Their study demonstrates that five “discovery skills” distinguish the most creative executives: Associating helps them discover new directions by making connections among seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas. Questioning allows innovators to break out of the status quo and consider new ideas. Through observing, innovators carefully and consistently look out for small behavioral details—in the activities of customers, suppliers, and other companies—to gain insights about new ways of doing things. In experimenting, they relentlessly try on new experiences and explore the world. And through networking with diverse individuals from an array of backgrounds, they gain radically different perspectives.


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  1. Sentenced to success.
  2. To go downhill, you first need to climb the hill.
  3. Techno in the morning is like a cigar after coffee. 
  4. I dream of a good world devoid of bad people.
  5. A good soul is essential, without it, it's not fun...
  6. Growth is a dance, not a light switch. 
  7. Always be yourself: your heart can speak. 
  8. Luxury must evoke emotions.
  9. Time will show⏤ must go on.

The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.

Through action, a man becomes a hero. 
Through death, a hero becomes a legend. 
Through time, a legend becomes a myth. 
Through hearing a myth, a man takes action.


In positive psychology, flow is defined as a mental state in which someone is fully immersed, with energized focus and enjoyment, in an activity.



i am the artist
the mess, the rage,
the magic, the pain,
the very art itself

“God does not play dice.” ⏤ Albert Einstein